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Cold Brew Coffee Is Love


I have been a coffee lover way back from my teen age years up until now that I’m already a middle aged bug. I am really fascinated by how this magical beverage turns my ordinary day into an extra amazing happy experience. Now that I am a homebased freelancer, it really is a convinience for me to have coffee anytime. I often refuged myself to coffee shops that are way to expensive but also serves coffees that are ¬†full of unhealthy sugars, which are not good for my health!

So I came with this bright idea of cold brewing my coffee! And when I researched about it, damn! Where am I all these freakin years? How did I never knew about this stuff years ago? But enough drama, I made my very first cold brew 2 days ago and it was a success! Well, all I did was I bought a coffee grind, dark roast, dump a cup of it in a pitcher, pour in one liter of filtered water, wait for 12 hours, strain the coffee grinds and again strain it on a coffee filter and viola! Delicious cold brew coffee is ready!

And the taste? It’s A- amazing! No more instant coffee for this shutterbug from now on!

Hello World!


This blog is all about my everyday journeys. Not just travels and adventures but all the things that is up on my daily grinds. Expect photos and great stories from a shutterbug’s prospective and all that ish! Though I am not a pro, but it is my passion and I live everyday snapping my heart out so that made me a part of it i guess?

So I would like to welcome you all to my world, all aboard to my Captured Journeys!

Happiness Is…

Happiness, it seems to me, consists of two things: first, in being where you belong, and second and the best, in comfortably going through everyday life, that is, having had a good night’s sleep and not being affected by negative people around you.
Live each day with possitivity and gratitude and everything will fall into places.

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